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Its a commonly used term that used mean that the ageing process was “out of our control” and there was not much we could do about it. Thankfully that is no longer the case, with the help of non surgical interventions we can dramatically slow the ageing process whilst remaining subtle, natural and graceful – when it is done well. I must also mention here that the ageing process is highly personal and attempts to slow the process come from a variety of personal motivations.

Science of ageing, research continues to reveal what happens and why, this allows us to prevent further damage and address existing problems in order for us to age well.In a nutshell

  • Skin- The thickness and function of the skin decreases, collagen levels, elasticity and hyaluronic acid are depleted resulting in skin laxity, wrinkles, reduced firmness and dry skin.
  • Sun damage causes irregular pigmentation and skin laxity
  • Facial fat pads and other tissues lose volume such as cheeks and lips “lose weight” as we age
  • Boney structures start to reabsorb and “shrink” so we lose bone support for the overlying skin structures such as fat and muscle.

The aging process can also be divided into Biological aging which is governed by our age, genes, hormones and Premature aging which involves accelerated aging caused by sun exposure, pollution, smoking, high sugar diets, stress and alcohol consumption to name a few,

Treatment Planning

I do love a plan and the days of chasing isolated lines and wrinkles are out. We have seen too many examples of people looking like an overdone caricature of themselves as a result of poor planning and facial analysis. The Full Face Approach takes into consideration 3 key areas based on what we know about the aging process.

  • Skin quality and health
  • Facial volume and contour
  • lines and wrinkles

In this blog we will talk about skin quality and health and the changes you can make to address the lifestyle factors associated with premature aging.

We cant change our DNA or hormones but we address the lifestyle factors that accelerate the aging process

  • Smoking including vaping
  • Sun exposure including UV & Infrared
  • sugar in food and drinks
  • Alcohol (high consumption)
  • Dehydration
  • Stress
  • Smog
  • Sleep debt

Even small changes in all of these areas will benefit not just skin health but over all health. Remember your skin is the bodies largest organ and this is the first step to investing in yourself to look and feel better.

In Part 2 we will look at skin care, skin boosters and non surgical restorative treatments that are available when addressing facial volume loss, lines and wrinkles.

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