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Mon-Fri 9-7pm

Measures taken to become a “Covid-19 secure” environment

The following information is based upon a comprehensive Covid-19 transmission risk assessment.


Online Booking is now open from July 4th 2020

  • Prior to appointments patients will be sent a link to complete online forms to reduce in clinic time and paper work contact points
    • A Covid 19 Health Screen – Please do not attend if you are unwell.
    • If you are classed as “in a vulnerable group” please contact the clinic before booking an appointment.
    • A Covid 19 consent form
    • A Treatment consent form
    • Consultations will be “Virtual” where possible and available from June 1st (Contact the clinic on 07875510070 to book a virtual consultation in June)


  • Patients will be asked not to arrive before their appointment time.
  • Only one person allowed in clinic at a time. No Children permitted.
  • Patients will be required wear a face covering, provided if necessary.
  • Temperature screening will be done on arrival.
  • Patients will be required to sanitise their hands upon arrival. Hospital grade sanitiser will be provided.
  • Patients will be asked to keep bags etc to a minimum -all keys, phones etc in their bag.
  • In the event a patient arrives early or a clinician is running late, patients will be guided to wait in their car.
  • Each appointment will be followed by a 10 minute break to enable cleaning and to avoid contact between patients.
  • Personal protective equipment  will be worn by the practitioner in accordance with PHE guidelines.
  • All clinicians are currently required to wear;
    • Type2R surgical face mask.
    • Disposable gloves.
    • Disposable aprons.

Treatment rooms

  • All non-cleanable equipment has been removed from treatment rooms.
  • All potential touch points have been identified.
  • All touch points will be cleaned with disinfectant between patients.
    • Examples: Treatment couch, face holes, side of chairs, desks, coat hangers, door handles.


  • There will be no bathroom facilities available

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