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Lip augmentation

Lip Augmentation using dermal fillers are designed to enhance the appearance of thin, aging or asymmetrical lips. This treatment is a perfect solution to achieve fuller, healthier looking lips. This is done by adding volume, definition, reducing smoker’s lines and lifting mouth corners.

The procedure involves the strategic injection of dermal fillers i.e Juvederm/Restylane/Beletero into parts of the lips and surrounding areas to enhance, shape, or add volume to the lips and reduce surrounding wrinkles.

It is important your lips suit your face therefore time will be taken to discuss your needs, what you would like to achieve and personal preferences at your free, no obligation consultation.

The procedure takes as little as 30 minutes and a numbing cream is used to minimize discomfort. Initially there will be some swelling and sometimes bruising in the lip area from the injections.

Beautiful, natural and immediate results will last up to 6 months. However, this may vary dependent on lifestyle, skin structure, age and degree of perfection demanded. Top up as you feel necessary to maintain the desired volume.


Fillers cannot be performed if there are any signs of infection.

Refrain from alcohol and anti-inflammatory drugs (unless prescribed) 2-3 days prior to treatment to minimize bruising.