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Its the 1st May 2020 and we have been in lockdown for about 6 weeks. I had wanted to use my nursing qualification back in the NHS, but they declined my offer at the first hurdle because of my asthma diagnosis, so I have registered for the NHS volunteer army! I am so very proud and grateful that those who care for others are finally getting the recognition that has sadly be lacking for the last 30 years!

We are past the peak! so I am thinking about how I protect my wonderful patients, The NHS, myself and my family as we return to a new normal. This is probably not the finalised plan but these are my musings for now.

I will use video conferencing (ZOOM) for consultations where possible

I will ask some Covid 19 pre-screening questions when you book in online

Only one patient in clinic at a time (no friends, family or children)

Patients temperature will be taken on entry, masks and hand sanitiser use will be required

I will use PPE such as N95 masks, apron, visor & gloves

Full clinic clean down between patients

I have no idea when we can reopen, i will be looking to Boris for some guidance on the matter but I will keep you in the loop by email (if you have subscribed), Facebook, instagram etc…


Take care, stay safe, stay home

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